Mr. Fernando Fagundes Parrillo - Prevent Senior and Air Jet, CEO.
Airplane Single Engine, Multi Engine, Instrument Commercial Pilot FAA. CE-500 and AV-L-39 Type FAA USA Helicopter and Airplane Single Engine, Multi Commercial Instrument ANAC Brazil
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I have been using Xpress One Aviation since 2010, not just for training but also with aircraft acquisition, export, and management. I highly recommend their services, I would not trust any other company in the United States.
Congressman Colonel Marcio Tadeu de Lemos
Commercial Instrument Helicopter/Rotocraft Pilot FAA and Commercial instrument Helicopter Pilot and Instructor in Brazil ANAC
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Xpress One is fantastic - In São Paulo, Brazil I am a former colonel in the police department, and i was a helicopter flight instructor. So I know good training when I see it. Xpress One is the right place to go to get your helicopter training.
Mr. Everton Luiz Gabriel
Commercial Instrument Helicopter Pilot, FAA/Anac.
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If I am thinking about helicopter training, I'm thinking of Xpress One." "By far the best training that I have ever had.
Mr. Marcelo Shunn Diniz Juqueira
Private Pilot Single Engine Land Airplane, FAA/Anac.
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When I come to the United States to get trained or buy a new aircraft, I use and recommend Xpress One.
Doctor Michael Kanter, DMD.
Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine and Multi Engine
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I had so much fun last year with my training at Xpress One, that I came back again to get my multi engine rating. If you want to learn to fly, the only way to go is Xpress One.
Mr. Leonardo Stefoni de Freitas, ESQ.
Forensic Financial Attorney in Brazil,CFI Commercial Helicopter Pilot in Brazil ANAC, and Commercial Instrument Helicopter-Rotocraft Pilot FAA
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The most efficient way to acquire a commercial instrument FAA helicopter certificate. Without question, Xpress One is the best. I recommend it to anyone.
Mr. Ahmed Afzal
commercial multi engine instrument pilot.
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I’ve been to several flight schools in a pass, and by far, the training that I receive at Xpress One was the best.
Capt. Ed Strake.
Captain B-737E-NG, B-767, FK-50, ATR-42, ATR-72
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As a Captain and now businessperson, I use Xpress One Aviation every time that I need a quick transport to another City or State. I find it to be professionally managed by serious workers. I greatly recommend Xpress One Aviation, as it has proven to be trustworthy and a reliable 135 charter company.

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Skip the security lines and the wait! Pull up to the hangar and grab a drink while we load your luggage onto the plane. The flight leaves on your schedule.

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We have grown from a small flight training school to a multispecialty operation with charters, aircraft sales, management, training, maintenance, avionics, exporting, and aircraft renovation. We have hundreds of repeat customers worldwide. Our philosophy is: we are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. We only hire pilots to charter our aircraft that are highly qualified with many hours of experience. Most are former airline pilots. Our maintenance department is highly skilled at performing all tasks ranging from simple maintenance to full avionics panel upgrades. From 100 hours inspections, annuals, paint, upholstery, and avionics, we got you covered! 

XPA Philosophy

At XPA, we aim to deliver the same level of operational quality that you would demand in your organization. In the world of private air travel, expectations are high. We set the bar higher. Customers experience easy booking, including accommodations, hassle-free security, prompt boarding, excellent food, and a comfortable flight experience. “The perfect flight” is efficient, luxurious, and refined. You can expect the same for every flight with XPA. Our clients enjoy all the benefits of ownership without the hassles and complications of operational oversight. 


We manage and maintain aircraft with the goal that safety is our top priority. Our maintenance team is led by the best A&P’s and IA’s in the business. They will ensure the planes are airworthy to rest assured that you and your family will safely arrive at your destination. All pilots meet or exceed FAA requirements. Each of our captains is an Airline Transport Pilot. Because our company started as a flight training academy, we spare no expense on training our pilots to be the best of the best. 

XPA multispecialty operation with charters, aircraft sales, management, training, maintenance, avionics, exporting, and aircraft renovation. At Xpress One Aviation, we specialize in advanced pilot training, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, ATP, and jet training. 

Asheville, NC  $8,000
Atlanta, GA  $6,700
Jacksonville, FL  $4,150
Key West, FL  $4,500
Miami, FL  $4,400
Miami other  $4,100
Tallahassee, FL  $4,500
Marsh Harbour  $6,300
Nassau  $6,500
Treasure Cay  $6,100
Bimini  MYBS  $6,100
Freeport/Grand Bahamas  $6,200

*   Departure and landing fees at international airports vary per passenger.
**  We are an FAA part 135 carrier, in order to maintain proficiency and a high skill level, each pilot is trained under stringent FAA Airline             Transport Pilot standards. All Xpress One pilots are required to undergo FAA check rights twice annually.