The PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain, is a cabin-class twin-engine aircraft offering concierge charter service, at accessible rates. The Chieftain is a stretched version of Piper’s original Navajo, outfitted with the 350-hp Lycoming (L)TIO-540’s, providing additional cabin space and increased performance. Our Chieftain’s spacious and newly refurbished interior can comfortably accommodate up 7 passengers on trips of 1,100 miles. The Chieftain cruises at a 210 MPH, expeditiously delivering passengers to their destination.


The Cessna S550 Citation S/II is the result of computer aided design and enhancement to Cessna’s best-selling Citation II. Bigger, better, and faster was the goal, and this is exactly what Cessna achieved in the Citation S/II. Seating up to 9 passengers in its plush 4.8-foot-wide and 4.9-foot-tall cabin, no one has to be left behind; packing heavy or light the Citation S/II will accommodate. With a respectable range of 2,300 miles the Citation S/II is an excellent choice for executives, and families needing to make appointments and vacations both near and far. Whether jet setting to the Bahama’s for a luxurious weekend getaway or making the opening bell on Wall St. the Citation S/II can get you there. Powered by the Pratt & Whitney JT15D, the Citation S/II touts speeds of 464 MPH, for getting you where are going, and quick. Busy executive schedules of board meetings and business deals leave little time for travel, the Citation S/II ensures not a moment is wasted. The comfort, range, and speed capabilities of the Citation S/II make it a fantastic choice your business and pleasure travel alike.